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  1. Is it possible to change header in file list ? More concrete - folder ieracity - make it static and half of height ?
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UsiHko8yGvGvvxddWrqyn3fHLvi_BiGv it is a sample skin, but in dark. nothing more.
  3. @maxmp , can I change header behavoir by skin in a manner like that ?
  4. Still cannot see in list - which track now playing. Will be glad to see header with smaller size and pinned as in v2 - it was more usable. Now when in folder many tracks i cannot see no folder where i am and not current track. This was only one reason why i after week of usage v3 were rollback to v2. In other moments player works very fine.
  5. So - need 3rd option "New (v3) UI after all will done"
  6. Power Optimization - Disabled. Keep Service - enabled. Thanks anyway - delete new version and install clean version of 709 - seems now it works. Don't know - what helps solve problem.
  7. Found one big bug on 709 version. (maybe not bug - correct me). Device - Huawei P10 on android 8.0. Default player selected to Poweramp in settings. BT - Sony SBH52. After start BT - i press play button on BT and my phone start GOOGLE MUSIC or just MUSIC app. If i start PA manually - it catch BT commands. It catch it until big pause (and player will goes off). Today i've try to install version 790 - and it works - it start play in PA. Who can confirm, that 709 cannot start play by BT command (if player was not started manually).
  8. HUAWEI P10. Found in old disks "The_Doors_-_Riders_On_The_Storm_96-24.ape" with 96 kHz, 1924 kbps, 24 bit. Seems player play it with HD OUT. Just playing it - it mean it works ?
  9. Sorry - but ask here. Can some one post there files with hi-res and little manual - how to check result? Wanna check that my device support hi-res, but don't know how. Really - maybe in PM.
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