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  1. HiRes on android it's like 8k on a broadcast TV's. Simple TV works well as simple sound-out. THere is separate thread - write there details of your phone - it will be fixed (as many other).
  2. Thanks for quick access to skin options.
  3. But then i need to go settings again - search needed skin and search what option was changed last time. It must be viewed realtime (or maybe add ability to add 2 pics to each option to show difference).
  4. @maxmp, is it possible in future realise preview or something else for skins ? Now every change on options of skin we need press back 4 times and trying not forget WHAT you have change last time. With preview - changing options in skins will be more usefull
  5. Where I can request Old feature (swipe up\down) and new (highlight current folder in hieracity) ?
  6. Seems - logic asks to get back to swipe up\down for change category\list\folder as in v2 )
  7. Let me ask there else one more. Please, add color highlight for current folder too (as for current track).
  8. @maxmp, Is it possible to add current folder light like in file list ? when i move up from folder - will be nice to know in which folder are current track.
  9. Thanks. Sad - very sad. It's a crutch. Not understand why Max break perfect logic of old UI. (Жаль, но это очередной костыль - зачем было ломать отличную логику 2-й версии ?)
  10. If i will be at end of album - simple swype do next album now. SO - there is not ability to switch to next folder\playlist ?? Why ???? Why use swype down to do action, that already used on simple touch ? Where is logic ? )))
  11. Can someone tell How to do "Long swype at end" to switch category/folder on main screen? cannot do this trick. found in help that swipe left/right in list do go to upper folder - this nice.
  12. so. not only me see that song peaks not sync with pa's graph peaks ?
  13. You cannot use phone with root. Other people cannot use phone without root. And getting root not same as installing custom roms. I have use PA from android (seems) 2.1 almost all time with customs and have no bugs - so.....
  14. mockup 02 + title under art and hide pa's navbar (4 button eats much space) - maybe to 1 button
  15. On this screen looks nice, but on my Huawei P10 maybe screen not so big - buttons cover progress - looks no so nice. But idea is super. Can bottom has fixed height ? (with album art fit what will left)
  16. In a new version added very small difference color for current played song in lists (see in 796 thread). In light version can be see more clear, in dark theme it almost not visible
  17. And one more thing - don't know it skin's bug or player's. If i select rainbow after selecting white skin - settings and widget stay white. So i need to select black theme and than rainbow.
  18. Please - when will be update for 796 - make " current item selection in lists " more visible (maybe with accent color)
  19. Hi. Decide to buy it, but looking at playstore at picture there is a question. Rainbow play - this picture replace standart PA picture (when no album art present) ? Wanna stay with default.
  20. Make lists as in V2. Header must be always visible and be not so huge. As for me (seems not only for me) - half of screen for header in lists - not good idea. -- I have already try to describe it HERE
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