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  1. In new versions of player there is new feature - change tracks by long volume press.

    But... When i press volume DOWN - it switch track BACK.

    List of files is from UP to DOWN - and as for me - volume DOWN must set song DOWN too - and this is NEXT Track.

    So i'm ask for option - swap action for next\prev track by volume keys.

  2. Hello.

    Where we should place files for Max to check - why seekbar showing only small peaks ?

    Sometime there is biiiig peak in center on track - this understood but maybe there is a way to remove this peaks from main level ?

    And there is tracks where peaks not present, but shows incorrect.

    Place them here, on mail, or in separate topic ?

  3. 8 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    But what is the next song after the last entry in the queue has played, as the queue has ended?


    1. When i press on current song - it open my current view.

    2. PA know WHAT category i use now. And know where file is (can guess it get it from database). And know sort options.

    Seems - it will not be problem determine where to go and what song will be next.


  4. 22 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Should PA continue with the following song in the Albums category, or the next item found in the same Folder, or the next song alphabetically by the same Artist, etc?

    Yes - just next to last from queue.

  5. 1 minute ago, andrewilley said:

    Still not quite sure what you want though?

    Have You use WinAmp ? ;)


    I listen Folder Rock1 and Song3.

    Then I add to queue  Song2 from folder Instrum1.

    Now - after end of queue it will play "Rock1\Song4".

    Need - after end of queue it must play "Instrum1\Song3".

  6. 14 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    If you don't want that behaviour, don't use the queue but use a normal playback category instead - for example a Playlist. 

    I just wanna see usual behavoir of end of queue from another players: Winamp, AIMP.

    If player can remember last position and return to it - it in simple manner can just continue play from last song. Just a checkbox and "IF ELSE".

  7. My MEDIA_NEXT is not button). It's a scroll. Will try do twice - but think it's a hard todo.

    Think - PA need handle some of the presents commands for next playlist\folder (which must be bind to those buttons before).

    Tyring to watch " Last Processed Commands " - it's not handle my folder buttons (because it's not send correct commands).

    Waiting - what can say for this situation developer.

  8. 3 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    Have you checked to see what commands your device is actually generating and sending to Poweramp? You can see this in PA's Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands.

    Didnot know this. Will check today. Thanks.

    But is there in android command NEXT_PLAYLIST or so ?

    How to change kl file in android to bind keycode to literal name (103 PLAY_PAUSE) i know.

    Find KEYCODE_CHANNEL_DOWN  keycode or KEYCODE_NAVIGATE_NEXT . What keycode must be send to PA to change playlist\folder ?


  9. I have folder buttons)) (Renault Megane 3). But it were work on old native system. On old system mute button were work as pause too. So - folder change by command is question too (maybe PA has this command and i can write an app, that will send this command).

  10. 4 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    A bit of an esoteric case, but maybe @maxmp could add a user-option for triggering pause when the volume reaches zero, and resuming playback when you raise the volume?


    Head-unit connected not by BlueTooth and not by Phone. it's a separate device with android on board and connected to car buttons )).

    Before moving to android - yes - i have use phone with BT-to-Radio device and must press onscreen buttons on phone. But now car has own OS )).

  11. Screen in car far from hand. Screen on phone in pocket too.

    Button in car - yes - wheel buttons with android head unit - vol+ vol- mute.

    Button on headphones in most cases only vol+ and vol-.

    In both cases  there is no pause button and asking fro this small feature.

  12. New layout with big header and footer is not pretty even on big screens.

    In car (1280x600) it look bad (see attach).

    So - we really need option ot make header smaller (1 or 2 lines).

    And footer can be placed on side (right or left) to save space in this mode.


  13. Who can tell - is it bug or i didnot understand logic.

    Folder view.

    Now playing song from folder1.

    I go to folder2 and press PLAY button in list header.

    It start play somewhere in folder3.

    As I understand - it must start play from those folder where i am now.

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