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  1. I have been wishing for this as well. I use this in my car with the pioneer appradio and arliberator app. I have used audio glow app and had great success but I really wish the media player itself (Poweramp) had a visualizer built in.
  2. it pains me to notice there isn't anything mentioned for Song ID streaming across BT yet. AVRCP support or whatever it is called. This app is really lacking without it.
  3. You are not going to convince me that our phones "lack" this AVRCP support stuff, when the stock music player on the phones handle BT tag streaming without an issue. The stock music player does this. Poweramp does not. Why did we pay 5 dollars again lol Hopefully something is in the works to fix this, but as it sits now, its a crap load of fail that we haven't figured out how to support BT song ID on streaming yet.
  4. I have a solution for you if you desire something snazzy to dance across your phone that works WITH Poweramp as its music source with music controls within the app. ProjectM Music Visualizer by Sperl Heavy Industries on the play store. May be just what you are looking for, i use it myself, and it is the "sh**"
  5. Indeed, this one feature being left out of Poweramp is the only reason i use my SGS2 stock music player with my bluetooth in my car. Granted 5 bucks wasn't a lot to pay for an app, but when a stock android music player can do something this simple, and our paid top tier music app cannot, there is an issue.
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