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  1. Thank you for the fairly frequent updates Max.
  2. I think this bug has already been mentioned but I have been having problems since the previous release with tracks not auto-advancing unless crossfade is enabled.
  3. Thank you Andre, I was wondering what it did for a while.
  4. Can anyone tell me what exactly is DVC and what it does besides that it "improves volume and equalizer/tone dynamic range"?
  5. The only hi-res output option I am getting is direct HD and not opensl HD on my V30 with Android Oreo. I know that they are likely equivalent except for opensl HD having 32 bit float sample format but I am just curious as to why this is happening. Max said that opensl HD is supported on the V30 so I don't get why the option is not present. I also have a feature request, can you add the ability to have Poweramp follow the sample rate of music that is currently playing, it is annoying to keep having to change it manually.
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