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  1. Hi!! There's two ways of output plugin: 1/audio track output 2/ openSL ES output What's the difference between??? Thanks
  2. I use a external 2,5" HD. Are there SD cards with 256gb???
  3. Hi. I use Poweramp with external hard disk. The limit of number of songs is 11250. Anyone knows about it? Is the problem of the limit from Poweramp? Thanks!
  4. Synchronyze, yes. On the own musixmatch program, lyrics can be show at time... And if I save the methadata on the own file? Or any idea?
  5. EDIT. I installed musixmach. The lyrics shows on screen. But on the own musixmach window. Is it possible anyway that Poweramp shows the lyrics, one phrase write while one phrase sing. Can you understand me? Only a line and the lyrics on it... Like a subtittle film!!! Yes. Sorry for my poor english
  6. Hello. I have the alpha-build-704-uni (complete version). I want to start to see the lyrics of my songs. Anyone can help me to know the steps to get it? I didn't read anything about this. Thanks, Juan
  7. Seems to be problem of ground, the constant noise is when the tablet is charging...
  8. Hi. I am using the Poweramp alpha-build-704-uni (complete version). I have conected a USB DAC output, in my car. No noise, good. But the quality sound... looks like the music has reverb... (reverb is off). Problem by the buffer? stock 50ms / 2 dsp buffers / 1 postfade (latency 150ms/reported latency: dsp 116ms, output 116ms) Other cause? Anyone can help me? Thanks!
  9. Get it! Thanks Andre. The last problem. While the music is playing, I want on the screen the album image fix. And my screen is with the equalizer movement, black screen with white movement. I tried change configuration, quit spectrum options and put album art, but no changes. Thanks
  10. Allow third-party. First, i tried free version tree days. Then, one week ago, download total version and pay money, that's 2.0 i think. You are saying that I have to desinstall Poweramp 2.0???
  11. 704 downloded ok. I click on the apk, and says me: "Poweramp not installed" Have I put the apk in a specific folder? ?
  12. I go to http://forum.powerampapp.com/files/file/21-Poweramp-alpha-build-703-uniapk/ I choose 704, click on download button, and say me: "incorrect download" also with 703.
  13. Thanks Andre. Where can I get the PA Alpha v3? 704 is the last version? I have a 2.5 hard disk with mp3 music. Connected to tablet with hub otg microusb. If I send out digital to the DAC... Can a tablet receipt and transmit by USB port, at the same time?
  14. Hi! Another question. I have connected the USB of my tablet to a DAC, to make the digital signal to analogic one. But what do I have to do, the Poweramp come out the digital audio signal to microUSB port? Any setting on Poweramp menu? Or on the tablet menu? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi. I have a music collection on my 2.5 hard disk, connected to the tablet with Poweramp. I reanalyse the "biblioteca" with the music files. And Poweramp runs. But I power off the tablet and hard disk. Then I power on, the Poweramp don't recognyce the route of files, I must to re-analyse the files again. Is this normal? Can the Poweramp save the music files? Thanks and sorry for my poor english
  16. Yes, I had tried. But with the zoom, the image has the same size with the zoom, it lost all the sides. I get it! The problem is the blue theme downloaded. Change the configuration of the size screen of art.
  17. Hi. I think that when I registred the Poweramp 2.0.10, the central image of the album (green line) was a bit bigger that the actual size (red line). I want to put the green line. I modificated all menu´s options, but I need help with this. Can you help me? Thanks in advance and sorry my poor english
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