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  1. Ok been using this beta for a while now daily.. UI issues for me (I know it's not fully featured so some points I raise might not have been included). I only really use Poweramp whilst driving and I Bluetooth to my headunit and have my phone on the dash. As mentioned before double tap to change list has stopped, I think since Oreo, but for me this was one of the best features for my usage. Failing that I would use the advance list button on the old player, but this has now gone. In fact I can't even find a way to skip to next album, unless I'm just being blind. Navigation back to albums or whatever list you have selected could be more intuitive from the play screen.. you have to go Back the scroll all the way to the top then press the button.. it just seems like a lengthy process and a nightmare whilst driving?? Can you change the time it takes to dim whilst playing? Seems awfully quick All in all though it's looking nice more fluid, but seems less functional if you are looking to change albums quickly or at a glance. A driving mode would be a double bonus
  2. Double tab to skip lists? This seemed to disappear on previous alphas for me using Oreo, also doesn't seem to be here..??
  3. I'm using Oreo beta on my s8+, streaming is fine but I'm loosing the ability to double tap the FF button to change lists
  4. Unsure if this is OS or PA error, but after updating my s8+ to the Oreo beta program, I've lost all double tap functionality using the FF button on my car head unit. It's connected via BT and previously would change lists/folder or album.. have done the usual check settings, reinstall clear cache etc...
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