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Posts posted by Muse

  1. Preset not working , it's reseting if song changes no edit option in preset and cant save preset 

    Hi-Res output not good lower the bass and higer the treble 

    OpenSL HD give perfect audio but EQU and tone Enable even disabled in settings 

    And little bit App Ui glitch in EQU setting 

    Device: Redmi Note 4

    ROM: MIUI beta Chinese Build 

    App Version 790-uni 



  2. Can't able to rename, delete and no option for edit preset 

    On my Redmi Note 4 MIUI 9 Chinese build and 

    On my Redmi note 3 no OpenSL HD option appears yet but its has Hi-Res option 

    And strange thing is EQU enable automatically whenever i off that like everything reset 

    As test every single song changes EQU and All setting gets reset to previous settings 

    In Hi-Res i ve Enabled No Equ/Tone but still its enabled if songs changes 


    Waiting for next bata release


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