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  1. Hey Max, my device is the Indian version of Redmi Note 4 i.e. with Snapdragon 625, running latest stable MIUI on top of Android 7.0. No root, no unlocked bootloader and no mods whatsoever. I use it with OpenSL output and Mi Sound Enhancer as well. (There is additional MusicFX app, perhaps the Snapdragon's default equaliser which is accessible through MusicFX option in Poweramp, I use it sometimes). I have tried disabling everything mentioned above since it was suggested by a member here, but it did not work. I usually hear stutters when I am using the phone, like browsing a website, opening another app like Instagram or whatsapp, when the device is switching between 4G/3G/2G networks (75% of the time, this is the case) or even when the backlight of capacitive buttons is switched-on/off automatically. Stutters are more common when I'm using the phone and less when the screen is off, but they are there. It happens on 3.5, BT and speakers as well. Stock music player never stutters for me, as well as JioSaavn (An audio streaming app which plays local files as well), this is why I'm puzzled. I have kept 'No restrictions' on both Poweramp & the full version unlocker because I thought MIUI battery saver is somehow messing with Poweramp, but even after that the issue is still happening. Only thing I have found working till now is increasing the buffer size to 'Huge' preset. But then there is a huge lag in response to changing volume levels and changing of song. Otherwise Poweramp is very stable, no lag, no hiccups whatsoever. This audio stutter issue is the only thing that is annoying.
  2. Thanks mate. I'm also trying to figure out why it is happening. I completely disabled DVC, Tone & EQ of Poweramp and disabled the Mi Sound Enhancer as well but still no luck. Another thing I have noticed is the issue happens more often for .m4a files (AAC LC) and less for .mp3 files. Not able to find a reason behind this either.
  3. Hi! I tried disabling DVC but it did not help. Still the audio stutter issue is persistent. It happens a lot when I'm using the phone like, surfing or using social applications and less when phone is idle.
  4. Hello everyone, I have been having this audio stuttering issue on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 since Poweramp V2. Still the issue is persistent, but I have some information that might help. I really hope I can find a fix for this issue. So, I use Poweramp build 823 with Xiaomi's built-in Mi Sound Enhancer (Without which the quality becomes really poor.) There is another default MusicFX application (accessible through the Poweramp MusicFX option) and I use it sometimes too. There are following scenarios when audio just stops for a split-second and then resumes, with clicking sounds: 1) When network is switched from 4G to 3G/2G, vice versa. 2) When the capacitive button lights are shut-off automatically. 3) When another app is opened. This issue is not 100% re-producible, but it happens more often than not. Now, a user on this forum suggested tweaking the buffer size, and surprisingly it worked for me. I set the preset to Huge and the stuttering issue no longer appears. But, side-effect of this is there is a massive delay in response when volume levels are changed and another song is selected. I have tried disabling every other sound effect (MI Sound Enhancer and MusicFX), changing the audio output from OpenSL ES to AudioTrack or Hi-res but nothing works. I also did a complete un-install, re-install-rescan loop but it did not work either. I'm not able to figure out why this issue is happening.
  5. Oh thanks mate. I've set it to large and will check if I notice the same issue.
  6. Im not able to find the buffer size option. I think it was there in V2, I tried adjusting that as well, did not help. This issue is happening since the very beginning actually. Don't know whats wrong.
  7. Hey guys, have anyone of you found any workaround for the annoying audio stutter/skipping faced on Xiaomi handsets? I basically tried everything, setting higher priority, moving all songs to my internal storage. I'm using stock ROM without root on my Redmi Note 4. I have observed 2 particular instances when the stutter/skipping happens: 1) When cellphone switches between network modes (2G/3G/4G) 2) When another app is opened. It is irregular, but when it does happen, its frequent i.e. 6-7 times per 4-5 minutes.
  8. Yes Andre, this build resolves the issue after a full-rescan.
  9. Yes. This does resolve the Album Art issue for me. Thank you Max!
  10. Thats Great. Thanks for fixing it....
  11. Yeah, thanks mate. If any additional files or info is required, let me know.
  12. Yes. If you can check and confirm that the missing album arts, are all MP3 files, that would be great. Because for me, .m4a i.e. AAC have no issue.
  13. Yes, I tried it just now. It did not work. I am uploading two sample files and screenshots of my stock player which shows the album art correctly. Thing is, the problem is with the album art only, not other tags like Artist Name, Title, Album etc. Kylie Minogue-Can't Get You Out of My Head (Extended Mix).mp3 Emma Hewitt-Rewind (Mikkas Remix).mp3
  14. The embedded album art is missing, that is the problem. If we go to Info/Tags, it shows 'No Embedded Album Art' whereas it is actually embedded. I use mp3tag on my desktop to tag every audio file I have. If i browse the song using stock player, it displays it correctly.
  15. Forgot to add that the missing album arts are of MP3 files, at least on my device. AAC (.m4a) are unaffected.
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