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  1. For the love of God, put in an option to disable swiping to change tracks!!! In fact, scrap the UI altogether, and make something that *isn't* a flaming pile of godawful-flash-over-practical-function, quasi Material Design, pain in the ass, eyesore garbage.
  2. ? Troof. I can understand that some people might like swiping, but I find it to be nothing but a nuisance.
  3. @Fstop and @Ans, the back button is there, but those aren't the lockscreen controls, as such, those are the notification controls being displayed on the lockscreen. You can expand the notification in the lockscreen like in the status bar, and it will display the back button (first & second screenshot). The lockscreen controls, proper, look very different (third screenshot).
  4. They're a pain in the ass by their very nature, tap is more natural than swipe, overswiping is far too easy, accidental swiping is far too easy, and buttons are, in fact, more intuitive. Buttons are an obvious function, swiping isn't, if you have to figure out how to do something, even if it takes a second or two, then it's by definition not intuitive, intuitive means just picking it up and using it without having to think about how. And so TF what if the wavebar is exclusive to PA? That doesn't make it good, it just means Poweramp is the only app that uses. Ever think that maybe there's
  5. I'm glad to see there are other people out there don't automatically love shitty things because they're new and shiny. If it's new and fancy, it's automatically awesome no matter how objectively awful it is.
  6. They're a PIA, because it's far too easy to inadvertently change tracks, and with the unnecessarily large wavebar (unnecessary, period), they're a PIA to use one-handedly, and even if they weren't, when using a phone with one hand, swiping is more precarious and increases the chances of dropping the phone. They're also not quicker, because they require more of a motion than simply tapping a button There's no reason why both gestures and buttons couldn't be included, and make either of them optional. Don't like buttons? Disable them. Don't like gestures? Disablethem. Want both? Enable both
  7. I *know* it's one guy. That's part of my point. People have demanded complete rebuild from one guy. The many of these people bitch that this one guy is taking a long time to complete this overhaul. Honestly, how was that such a cryptic point that it entirely escaped you
  8. Be that as it, may, Material Design is still shit, the glimpse of the new layout is still horrid, and the main thrust of my concerning MD and update time still stands unassailed.
  9. Good God, the new UI looks horrid. Material Design SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS AAAAAASSS!!! If it weren't for rebuilding the entire thing to use MD, the update would probably have been released over a year ago, but no, so many of you had to insist on the fetid pile of garbage that is MD. Way to go, *YOU* people are the reason this update has taken so damned long. And for what advantage? Just another generic looking pile of shit UI. The time spent making the UI could have been dedicated to improving the important function of the app.
  10. Oh, good God, not Material Design. Material Design is effing HORRIBLE!!!! And gesture based? Well, this is going to suck. Swiping and gestures are annoying as hell, too. Why do developers feel the need to ruin things that work just fine and refuse to fix things that don't work properly. I've been teetering on the brink, but if this new MD version is as bad as every single other MD app ever developed, I'll likely abandon PA, altogether. NO TO MATERIAL DESIGN!!
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