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  1. I'm not totally against the new UI, but I really, really miss a couple things that are quite important for me, and looks like they are not related to this version being beta but to an unfortunate design decision... The ability to navigate folders. Not only seeing a list of folders and all the files inside, but to be able to see sub-folders. In this version when you go to Library - Folders, you only get a list of all scanned folders. When you click one, you see a generated list of the music files on that folder and sub-folders. I'd like the previous behavior: Click on a folder an see its sub-folders. Click a sub-folder and see its files/more sub-folders. I have many albums with several discs, or live and studio versions, or whatever. I want my sub-folders properly working in the "Folders" view back! After clicking on a song in the library, you get back to the 'player view', but touching the library button again does not get you to the folder you were before. It takes you back to the main library menu. Buttons! Where are my buttons? Are they not going to be implemented? Please I'd really like to know if there is going to be buttons in future revisions of the beta. This is kind of infuriating and I totally back up Andre on this, as he expressed this opinion before. I don't understand (at all) why a sleep timer would be a good idea, and why would it be important enough to have a dedicated button... But not a play/pause button or next/previous buttons. Makes no sense to me! Furthermore, I really dislike the moving spectrogram in the bottom, and some nice buttons would have been a much better use of that space. When I look at the screen is because I want to change songs. And I really don't like sweeping. Really disappointed )-:
  2. Damn! Where's my pitchfork? I've been using the alphas from the beginning and checking this forum almost daily... And I still feel sceptical about this release since I share many of the opinions that have been expressed ove the past two years. @andrewilley I honestly don't understand how have you been able to put up with all the mistreatment and lack of information from the developer. I would have long given up at this point, so kudos to you! But rejoice! Our wait seems to be coming to an end! Let’s just hope it’s not another missed deadline.
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