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  1. Dear Max, Excellent beta release. Well worth the wait. I have some suggestions. Would like to be able to edit album tags also. Currently you can edit song tags only. Also would like to be able to select artists pictures from the internet or from your gallery like you can with album artwork. Currently you have to reselect your album sorting option each time you open the app. Would like to set it once and forget it. Would like to to able swipe up from I he mini player to open the now playing screen. Right now you can't. That just might be a bug.
  2. Installed the beta preview version on my Galaxy S8 Active with Android 8.0 Oreo. Playback starts okay but is interrupted usually after only one song or two are played. Has anyone else reported this as a problem. Let me know Brian
  3. Cannot exit the queue without the app stopping. Neither swiping or returning to the main library with the library button works. I am sure you are already aware of this but I just wanted to make a note of it Thank you Brian
  4. Hi Max, Like the new update. Works very well on my Galaxy S8 Active. Would like to be able to edit album and song metadata from the album list in the library. I also don't like the album name and artist overlaying the album art, it makes the UI look very cluttered. Hopefully that can be changed with future updates. Thank you for an excellent product Brian
  5. Thanks for your reply but I didn't make myself clear. What I want to do is minimize the player and return to the previous screen within the app. The player would be minimized at the bottom of the app Thanks for your quick reply previously Brian
  6. On build 704, is there any way to minimize the player and return to the previous screen. This would be useful if you are editing album art or tags. Please let me know Thank you Brian
  7. I just added 3 albums and changed some cover art in iTunes and imported them to my 256gb SD card which has 47gb free. The revised album art imported correctly but the new albums did not. They imported fine to my stock player. Also batch editing for album artwork and album tags is spotty. Sometimes you can edit the whole album, other times you can only edit individual songs. I am using build 704 premium on a Galaxy s8 Active with Android 7.0. Please let me know what could be causing these issues Thanks Brian
  8. Me again, I feel that the sleep timer should be moved into the settings menu. Also need to add artwork and tag editor functions to the menu that shows when you long press the album art. Still need it for individual songs however. Would also like an alphanumeric bar to be available when you swipe left from an album gridor list or song list. It would be an additional search option. Thanks Brian
  9. I just downloaded build 704 and upgraded it. Initial impressions are that this is an excellent upgrade to the previous version. Just a few thoughts. Would like to be able to access the artwork and tag editors from the long press on the album in grid view. Now you have to go into and actually play a song. Correct me if I am wrong because I am new to Poweramp. Would also like to swipe down to hide the player and access the previous screen and swipe up to bring the player back. I feel that these changes will make it easier to navigate the player. Let me know what you think. Thank you, B
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