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  1. I'll preface this by saying I am a long term Poweramp user since Android 2.x.x days, not a troll or hater. Aside from any personal taste opinions on the new UI, I've had a lot of useability and reliabilty issues with 790 alpha. It also only uses the normal SD820 SoC hi res, not the extra AKM DAC in my Axon 7 so doesn't offer any benefit for me. Jet Audio HD and Player Pro still sound better. Jet has some bugs that ultimately stop it being my daily driver despite the fantastic sound but Player Pro runs great and reliable like the old Poweramp public version so I've had t
  2. I've had a couple of issues lately. The widget album artwork gets out of sync with song actually playing and sometimes a song will repeat once or twice. Had to stop using the app. Uninstalled. Will look at it again after next update.
  3. Enjoying it so far. Found that widget touch doesn't start app interface. No skip back/forward buttons in player screen and I can save EQ settings but not per output profile which is really important. Using with ZTE Axon 7 on stock Nougat.
  4. Just downloaded. Will check it out. Using Player Pro as my daily driver at present so alpha bugs are ok. We'll see how it goes. I generally only shuffle all songs anyway. Happy to hit skip now and then :-)
  5. As long as you're logged in here you can go to downloads and get 704a. I recommend a high quality headphone or buds. The Axon 7 sounds very good! There may be an issue with hi res on axon 7. Had a fail error yesterday. Could be that the file I tried was too high a rate or exceeded what the phone can do or something but haven't explored that yet. Have to keep dolby atmos off for it to work too.
  6. I would love to see auto gain control suported so that a mixed library of music could be listened to at a much more consistent sound level. It's present in ViPER4Android and Jet Audio and is a feature I miss. I'd also like to see a parametric equaliser where you can choose to have less bands, but the ones you want, for instance the Onkyo music player has a good example of adjusting. Neutron is too complicated with it's implementation and bogs you down with too many settings but allows wide choice of frequency band setup. No one player is perfect, there's always aspects of
  7. Neutron may sound good but it's still horrible to use and that styling still looks like it belongs with jellybean.
  8. Any chance AGC could be added to Poweramp? It helps with libraries of files that have different levels. Also, will there ever be a parametric EQ option? Really only need 4 or 5 bands that way, depending on how wide the slope is. Enjoying alpha 704 on my ZTE Axon 7. Hi res option works.
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