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  1. For max, May=June and June = July, so it will release in July (june for max)....
  2. July is set as month for a feature-complete Beta release (with the all missing parts finished), and the end of july18 is the final v3 release planned period...thank you
  3. All the members of the forum are requested to use other music player .....bcz v3 project has stopped by developer.....it will be started at the end of FIFA World Cup......Max seeing World cup now....
  4. @AndreDon't say any wrong time period before release(try to say maximum time).....it's 23rd june, when will v3 beta release?
  5. it'll be better if max tells the cause of delay.....we want any update from max about v3 beta.......
  6. Actually max does'nt know when v3 will be ready.....every time period was given by max never proves right......when v3 beta preview was released, max never told us before release that it would be a preview quality app......@max...as a top devoloper, you should try to keep your word otherwise don't say any wrong period before release......
  7. It will be better if max share the release plan of v3 beta then people will never ask the release date....I know that Development timings are very hard to predict but every devoloper should have a target for releasing their app....we just want to know the targeted period....
  8. top devoloper like google follows their release schedule for updating any apps(chrome)......@max..you are a top devoloper but you never follow your release schedule......it'll be better if you follow ur release schedule like other top devolopers....
  9. Thank u max for making this best android music player.....what's about v3 beta release plan?
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