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  1. Thank you That looks like it did the trick. Thanks again. Jeff558
  2. Constantly getting error messages now?? Below is the message I get now.
  3. Loving the new audio features, have the full alpha build 709. In the MusixFx Audio settings are phenomenal but am I missing something though or we going to get any kind of control to the custom side of that EQ. Loving the designers ?
  4. I'm hoping that the visualization will fill the screen portrait or landscape that would make it a nice extra. I do love the album art...
  5. I think that the latest ver. 3 beta is incredible I like the ability to adjust all the settings so finely. The new GUI is refreshing as well great job to the developers. Love the visualization...
  6. You would easily get 5 million free and 10 million that would pay. I know a lot off people who are looking for someone to pick up where TuneWiki just shut down and walked away. You could easily add the artwork part to what you have now. That was the ticket being able to share our art and thoughts along with the music we all love so much. Even if you set it up to post to Tumblr? Well just a suggestion?
  7. I think it would make the expirence even more enjoyable if we could control what buttons show up when we hit the menu key, example right now info comes befor lyrics, I think it would add to the expirence if it were oppisite. I do think that your app is the best yet though I have owened it since your inception, thank you. The only other thing that is of concern is when iI use your (SRS or Dolby) it seems to lower the sound and I would venter a guess that it should present a much more enriching level of sound with a greater volume level then when using none at all. Thank you in advace for your
  8. A pleasure, you've created a well rounded product.
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