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  1. Only selected Samsung devices have it.. Not for low-end ones
  2. It would be great if the cover art is not hindered by the Track Info. It could be simply moved to the region right under its current position by reducing the seek-wave width ...
  3. All Hail! Update from the dev. End of Chaotic thought spectrum... Works fine on Samsung Exynos J7/16 and A8/18 Thank you Max... Waiting yet for the Supercharged Final Build Regards
  4. #ot G Translate actually fails miserably upon several turns of phrase in complex native constructions in several languages like Türkçe, Urdu etc. Btw I too find the name-marquee over the album cover a bit dissatisfying... Hope there'd be a fix when the skin feature becomes active...
  5. There's need of some flavonoids to keep me awake... Hope the deadline wouldn't be crossed this time...
  6. Yep !!! IMO GoneMad has a badder! , oops, sorry, I meant worse Audio Engine than the one Poweramp has... DVC is certainly unique in PA
  7. Oh my goodness, means we'll have to wait for the public v3 to fix this... I'm running 8.0 beta on S8 and haven't had any problems with them
  8. Integration...! ഽ PA.droid dx God forbid integration of V3 β into Android P as well....? Would it be our New Year treat?...
  9. Which is your device? The decoder timeout error usually comes if the only track in a list is played once and when the file is missing
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