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  1. Excellent job man ! Perfectly working on my Nexus 6p on Oreo 8.1 with alpha build of Poweramp PS: no viruses while downloading
  2. I have a bug on Android beta 8.1.0 when the status bar is completly useless will it have a fix in a future update of the alpha Poweramp version ?
  3. Anyone has a solution ? Because it's really annoying ...
  4. @clever_man, i had this issue too on Android 8.0 like you but on Android 8.1.1 it's worse because it's constant ...
  5. I can confirm this bug on android 8.1 on my Nexus 6p
  6. I'm experiencing an issue on the alpha build if Poweramp where i can't use the quick navigation In the status bar ... The controler goes white and unresponsive.. I'm using a Nexus 6p with Android 8.1 ( OPP5.170921.005) With the Poweramp alpha app ( Alpha-build-703-play) full version
  7. Experiencing the same issue on my nexus 6p Poweramp version: ( Alpha-build-703-play (full-version) Device model: Nexus 6p 64GB Android version: (Build number: OPP5.170921.005) Please fix this issue... And thank you for the great Poweramp app guys !
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