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  1. Excellent job man ! Perfectly working on my Nexus 6p on Oreo 8.1 with alpha build of Poweramp PS: no viruses while downloading
  2. Status bar issue and lock screen on android 7.0

    The status bar has completely disappeared and its really annoying no shortcuts. I must go back to Poweramp in order for me to forward or rewind.

    Please help


    1. hapelectrique


      yeah i've got the same issue but for now there is no actual fix for this ... We need to wait for the next alpha update to see...

  3. I have a bug on Android beta 8.1.0 when the status bar is completly useless will it have a fix in a future update of the alpha Poweramp version ?
  4. Anyone has a solution ? Because it's really annoying ...
  5. @clever_man, i had this issue too on Android 8.0 like you but on Android 8.1.1 it's worse because it's constant ...
  6. I can confirm this bug on android 8.1 on my Nexus 6p
  7. I'm experiencing an issue on the alpha build if Poweramp where i can't use the quick navigation In the status bar ... The controler goes white and unresponsive.. I'm using a Nexus 6p with Android 8.1 ( OPP5.170921.005) With the Poweramp alpha app ( Alpha-build-703-play) full version
  8. Experiencing the same issue on my nexus 6p Poweramp version: ( Alpha-build-703-play (full-version) Device model: Nexus 6p 64GB Android version: (Build number: OPP5.170921.005) Please fix this issue... And thank you for the great Poweramp app guys !
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