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  1. do you think it would be possible to implement an option to make the artist pictures square? loving the skin btw, it's been my main skin since i found it.
  2. there's a bug where the small bar seek below the album art is still usable when out of the player screen leading to accidental skipping, otherwise really good shit.
  3. i usually just use Photoshop, i had no idea that site existed.
  4. damn, alright. something must be up with my phone then bc i use upwards of 3000x3000 images and the artwork and text on the artwork especially looks softened. thanks for the quick reply.
  5. The album art in the player still looks like it's half the resolution of the image being used. Will there be a fix addressing this?
  6. is there ever gonna be a fix for the album art? artwork in this version looks low res compared to the pre new UI version, even really hi res images (3000x3000 for instance) look blurry and soft.
  7. it would be cool if you did the standard V3 waveseek w/out pro buttons, but not have the tags covering the album art, also having the artwork squared off would be cool too.
  8. the artwork is just as important as the music. it's a visual summary of the album you're listening to. it's the first impression you get of the album before the music even starts. it's one of the reasons i prefer vinyl, and why i enjoy using Poweramp.
  9. are you kidding me? having the artist, album and song title obscure the album cover is an awful design decision, it just looks plain bad.
  10. that literally fixes all of my issues with the new UI. @maxmp PLEASE take some hints from this.
  11. the album art also looks a lot lower res then build 709.
  12. the only complaint i have is the title over the album art, otherwise it's perfect.
  13. lmao, it's bad logic to make a claim that max is using dummy accounts without having any proof. what makes you think he isn't in contact with someone other than andrew?
  14. They didn't express any kind of constructive criticism, they just attacked Max. There's a difference between criticism and just saying Max's 'word is worthless'.
  15. You can be as pissed off as you want (completely warranted as you said), but personally attacking the developer of the app doesn't help the situation at all. It just makes you look like a total ***.
  16. jesus, i'm annoyed at the lack of updates and communication too, but there's no reason to personally attack Max. it just makes you look like an asshole.
  17. if Max isn't gonna release any sort of v3 anytime soon, could he atleast drop some more status reports? i'd really like to see what bugs & specific device issues are putting him a month behind the alleged release date of FULL v3. i've been waiting patiently for a new v3 release, but i'm starting to get annoyed now. if Max wasn't so deathly silent with the community it wouldn't be so bad, but he rarely ever updates us. also, what exactly is Max's reason for not getting other developers to help speed up the process?
  18. I'd really like an option to fade out the song info and context menu from the cover art on the player screen, one of the things I love about Poweramp is the ability to use hi-res album art.
  19. Never said it looked bad, I was just saying it doesn't look like proper material design, I actually really like how the animation flows in the menus. The only real complaint I have is that the artist name and song title are floating on top of the album cover.
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