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  1. Actually i configured Poweramp equalizer for better bass on headphones but the problem is even if I am not using my headphones, listing music from speaker then also the equalizer stays on so Everytime i plugged or unplugged my headphones i needed to turn it on /off fpr better sound otherwise when the Equalizer is on and m I'm playing music from phone inbuilt speakers it's just reduces the sound quality that's all. Thank u
  2. 1:- Unable to filter videos WhenWhen i start using this player it's awesome but there is a problem, i jave some videos in my music folder and it's also added those videos in my playlist.. so, i thing developer's should add the mp3 or file filter feature in the newer as well as older version. 2:- Equalizer bug I tweaked the equalizer according to my need and I'm getting best sound quality on my headphones but the problem is that, when i unplugged them it's still in Equalizer and all the tone mode so for that it's reduces the sound quality of the speaker amd thet need to add an option where we can change it so then if we unplug our headphone the equalizer will automatically disabled and when we plugged in then again it's turned on.
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