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  1. No Hi-Res Output fixes I activate Hi-res Output but, OpenSL actived instead Hi-res Output ?
  2. I'm stay with v790 I can't use HRO on v796 My device: Redmi Note 3 Pro, MIUI 7, Android v5.1
  3. Thank for the update, Max But nope for me...I still can't use Hi-Res Output, trying to enabling Hi-Res Output but OpenSL Output still enabled instead of Hi-Res I will stick with v790
  4. I can't activating Hi-res Output (again), i will stick with 790 then
  5. Amazing work, Max The sound is improved from v703/704 v790 has more separation and little bit punchy bass, i love it ? Thank you, Max
  6. I'm just curious, what is the difference of sound you feel from v2 to v3 703 with hi-res output ?
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