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  1. I have a weird issue. I use a wired headset with a in line button since one of the newer updated it stops responding or instead of skipping songs upon double press like it's supposed to it will randomly start putting the volume up or down. I thought it might be the headset or something but when I rolled back to 800 it started working normally again. Pixel XL Android 9.0 October build.
  2. So @maxmp I'm not sure if this is just me doing something wrong and if it is I apologise because I can't figure it out. But I can't seem to get my device to output anything other than 16 bit. Device is Pixel XL running the current May 2018 8.1 build Poweramp I'm using is 709 I have the option for the HD output which I have selected but it never seems to change the output from the other option. Am I doing something wrong or is it not currently supported? I figured since the Google phones are about as AOSP/Vanilla Android as it gets they would be so maybe it's me? See attached screenshot for info. Thanks for your time in advance. Shaun
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