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  1. Any chance of getting new visualization presets? I love them but kind of getting bored with using the same ones. I only use the built-in, spectrum presets though. Looks like you should be able to download manually but can't find anywhere to download new ones. Would be cool if you could build your own spectrum analyzer. I would pay to have that ability!!
  2. Yeah, and for me that's a problem as most of my playlists contain dozens of albums from my library. Even tried recreating the playlists in 793 and shuffle still will not work. Hopefully this is fixed in the next release, I don't want to go back to 703...
  3. I am on 793 so it's great to hear that the playlist shuffle will be fixed. Thank you for the information!
  4. What you are saying may be true but the fact is that shuffle worked perfectly before the update, now it doesn't at all. Has nothing to do with "other players". I've used Poweramp daily for 2 years and through many updates, never any problems with shuffle modes... until now. Seriously considering looking for a new player as this has been broken since the update and still has not been fixed. "If it's not broken, don't fix it". Instead Poweramp took something not broken, and broke it. I like some of the new features and the swiping to navigate the library is awesome but I need my damn shuffle!! L
  5. Since the new update shuffle does not work right for me either. I noticed that instead of "lists" it says "categories". When I load a playlist I used to set it to "shuffle songs, lists in order" and it would shuffle all the songs in the playlist only. This no longer works. The only shuffle feature that works at all is "shuffle all songs". Even that seems to only shuffle some of my library. It took a while to get used to the new... Everything. It has slowly grown on me but the broken shuffle is killing it. Also, move the pro buttons above the seek instead of on top of it. I don't know how anyon
  6. DLNA support!! I have a portable WiFi router in my car with a huge amount of music connected to it. I have to use other players to stream audio to my tablet which connect to my head unit that I am essentially using as a preamp. I would love to be able to add DLNA or SMB shares to my Poweramp library. How the hell are "skins" in the lead? Apparently people care more about appearance than functionality. Hopefully the Dev does not share their sentiment.
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