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  1. I know I know, but there's been a lot of talking about how the unlocker should change the way it licenses the app and whatnot, so I thought you guys might update it.
  2. The latest version is a bit too much for my old phone and I would like to use the old 1.4 version. The only thing stopping me is I don't like to see it there in the Play Store "to update". So I was wondering if I could get an unlinked version, so that it doesn't appear in the play store but still unlockable Is it possible?
  3. I preferred buying Poweramp using paypal, but was wondering how I am going to get an updated version of the unlocker (if it will get an update). So I was wondering whether Max could register emails into the play store unlocker. Is that even possible?
  4. I second that because of the Beats mod available for some devices with custom ROM
  5. As far as I know the license makes a 4 week cache. Dunno if that cache is renewed every time you connect to the internet or every 4 weeks.
  6. I think I am not the only one who would like to see the notification controls in other android versions than ICS. Would this be possible?
  7. Does your android phone have any other languages in settings? Because that's how localizations work.
  8. And the truth is somewhere in the middle. I really don't mind if Max adds Google Music support as long as the app continues to work properly on older phones too. It already has a small lag sometimes on my Galaxy 5 and on Galaxy Spica it's almost impossible to use.. But there's always the old 1.4 version
  9. Indeed, it's not. Not as popular as English at least. But if anyone requests it, I really don't see why we shouldn't do it
  10. The keyboard opens automatically for me...
  11. That's something I'd also like to see implemented!
  12. Do you use app2sd or something similar?
  13. Nope, it should work automatically. It should display a dialog box to thank you for buying and remove 2(?) entries from the settings menu.
  14. As long as the new phone has the same account from which you bought the unlock app, it will be fine
  15. Yep, all licenses are account-wide. As long as you keep using the same Google account, you will not have any trouble
  16. If you need romanian I'm available and eager to help
  17. That's the default theme for the old 1.4 Poweramp, I think.
  18. Uhm... you know the google search app right? Well, in it, somewhere you have the option what to search: the web, contacts, apps, and data withing specific apps, etc. Thats the general idea. I would like to be able to select in Poweramp what it looks for when I search: songs and albums and artists or just one of them, or two of them etc.
  19. It would be really nice to be able to set where/what to search. For example, I would like to see only songs results, because my music is very poorly organized and tagged. Would this feature be possible? Is anyone thinking it would be a good feature?
  20. If you use the same google account there should be no problem. (same account = the one that has been registered into the apk or the one you used to get the unlocker from the play store.)
  21. I think it's stored in those .pamp files in every folder with music. And I also think only Poweramp cand read those files.
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