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  1. Yeah, I agree. I feel like the forum and app are slowly dying.. Please don't let this happen.
  2. I think you need to disable auto downloading of album art from the settings.
  3. Just noticed that Romanian was completed and Just needs voting. COngrats and thank you *proceeds to vote*
  4. Do you still have the email you received when you bought the unlocker?
  5. Well that's a pretty subjective matter. What you like best, really. For example I like Bass&Trebble for headphones.
  6. 1. and 2. and 3. as long as you use the same google account.
  7. The full version doesn't bring any new features. It just unlocks the player so you can continue to use it after the trial two weeks. And yes, I think the latest version (at the moment present only here, not on the store) has just introduced the 4.2 lockscreen widget.
  8. Go to settings > Audio > Fade, Crossfade, and Gapless > Cut Silence
  9. Also, I think a useful feature would be a "Refresh license" button that refreshes the license cache, or verifies it. For example, it now tells me I have to buy it, even if I just reinstalled the license. EDIT: never mind, it works now :-j
  10. I was wondering, could you make the notifications stay compressed if I compress them? They change back to fully expanded when the song changes. CM10.1/Android 4.2.1 on Samsung Galaxy 5.
  11. Oh no no, it's just some things sound bad translated. Will give it a try when I'll have the time though..
  12. This is SO frustrating. I just can't translate some things. Or if I do they sound like hell...
  13. Hmn I was thinking. I've seend quite a few people having license issues, and as far as I know, the license creates a 4-week cache. Wouldn't it be cool to have a menu option "Refresh license"?
  14. There aren't any teams to join. You just go to that link and start writin'
  15. Thank you. Will do as much and as often as I can Edit: I have but one request: that you let me test first, proofread, and tell me where all those translated texts appear because Romanian has genders and stuff English doesn't have and it's easy to mess it up if you don't really know the context
  16. Won't clearing the cache delete all my album arts the app has downloaded for me? :s
  17. For some reason, I can choose a different album art for a song, but it doesn't change. I can't even put the defaul one from the app.. Any ideas as to why this happens?
  18. This would be awesome. You should also consider doing a footage like a Poweramp story on how it goes
  19. Well yes but maybe you could make an exception. This is the only way to unlink the app from the store. I don't think I'm the only one highly annoyed by this :-s Maybe if I ask nicely?
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