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  1. 2 hours ago, Brainscollector said:

    One word - Pathetic. 

    Month after month it's delayed with some excuses. It's God damned beta, not final release, so bugs are expected to occur in beta. This is just pure bs, I don't believe this because it's pure bs.

    toxicity never made much sense and it is caused by frustration. frustration cause the currently functional app... (insert reason here)

  2. 1 hour ago, AdamZamoyski said:

    This is absolutely true, all of what You said. But - if You say A, You must say B. Maybe giving an ETA was a mistake, but if You did that, You are obliged to update the project status, especially if there are some, expected or not, difficulties. IF You respect Your customers...

    I literally can't imagine the situation, that Max can't find 5 minutes to update project status. Alpha started about year ago, this thread - a month ago. During this time there were so many 5-minute periods, one of them for sure could be used up to send an information to community.

    Let's suppose he does say something. Pretty sure it's going to be something like: it's not done yet, it will be available when it is fully finished. "Fully finished" is such an ambiguous term really. I am also curious about the new app, believe me, but at the same time I realise the app we currently have is working perfectly. Kind of a "If it ain't broken don't fix it" type of situation.

  3. While I was very happy to see this thread initially, I'm starting to think it was a mistake. I know what a development cycle means and the type of problems a dev (especially a single man) can face and I do not blame max in the slightest. Now, I think this thread (or actually giving ETAs was a bad idea) is because some people tend to react in a bad way. There's a reason why CMs first rule is "Don't ask for ETAs", it applies to any kind of development stuff.


    Another good piece of wisdom that comes to mind is "I prefer a late but good product, rather than a rushed and poorly executed one".

  4. [Moved from Skins dev forum --- Mod]

    I will like to help you with Testing , Translation (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, English (India), Welsh), Designing for Poweramp.


    can you give me 2 Licenses for my help and work, a small portion of help from you team.


    And I request a Like or Thanks function on the forum so I can like this guy's posts. And tell my friends to do the same. 2licenses4life

  5. Then you're better off asking Max for employment. I did the entire Swedish translation and never got, not asked, for anything in return. I paid for my license and so did all of my friends who uses Poweramp.

    You can't expect to be paid for voluntary work without an agreement. That's like walking into a random store, fixing an incorrect sign or something and then expecting salary.


    It doesn't work that way.


    If you want to be paid for your work, then ask someone who's actually authorized to do so (Max). No one here even has licenses to give you, so even if we wanted to give you a license, WE DON'T HAVE ANY.

    So now, again, ASK THE DEVELOPER, MAX, AND NOT US.


    Nooo please don't tell him where to start his spam again please. I was hoping he'd shut it because the past two weeks he's been silent. Isn't it funny enough how he went from 5 to only one? 


    Dear andrei1015,


    I think anderi1015, you, always joke you are never serious towards work done by any person.

    If you can't guide or help just shut up.


    I want to help Poweramp with my Hindi language translation for its betterment. If my help is making a joke in your mind, than I will not help.

    You are indirectly insulting to my help.


    Please andrei1015, please be a sincere and responsible person.



    I am not getting why Hindi Language make you to make a joke.



    It's not Hindi making me laugh and make fun of, it's you. And I was sincere as you asked me. As was my previous post. And why am I laughing and making fun? Because you are asking for licenses. It's that simple.

  7. No offense but I think your best bet would be to actually contact the developer through email or a private message instead of more or less begging on a forum thread.


    Noooo, please don't suggest that. He's done it. A lot..

    I still think he should address the Internet Police. Or Internet Spider-Man. Or maybe the Internet Batman, the night himself!


    PS: https://crowdin.com/project/titanium-backup/discussions/2443


    EDIT: Okay, I think he deserves a bit more information. Or at least how I see things.


    Crowdin is, as Timmy Fox said, a "crowdsourced translation project". This means anyone can help translate. I am from Romania. Let's say I open an app's settings and see that Romanian is not included as a language. I look it up on the internet and see it has a crowdin page and start translating. Now, if an app doesn't have a language on crowdin or that particular language is incomplete it means it's not targeted towards that region, or the region is doing fine using the default language. Why? Because amongst the people no one considered it to be mandatory to have that language. 


    Going back to the crowdsourced mumbo jumbo. Anyone means anyone. Anyone means if it's important someone will do it for free while you ask for something that really is not included in the whole picture. This goes for Poweramp, MXPlayer and even Titanium Backup.

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