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  1. Go to settings/Misc/Tweaks and try keep wakelock option.
  2. Hi I'm using Neutron too since my new phone isn't supporting high res on Poweramp. And while the hi res on Neutron sounds wee bit more sharper than Poweramp on my old phone. I'm getting too many issues. First the UI is horrendous (subjective). But most importantly I'm getting a lot of crackling in some flacs and mp3s. Do you experience crackling (esp. In 16 bit FLAC).
  3. I wouldn't mind paying more. Or buying another licence. It's one hell of a music player!
  4. Hi I am attaching my phone's (Huawei Honor 8 Pro) audio_policy.conf . Please check it. I'm getting high res audio with Neutron. But the UI is still no where near Poweramp. And their EQ is a mess. Don't want to lose Poweramp on my new phone...? audio_policy.conf
  5. Device: Huawei Honor 8 Pro Android ver: 7.0 DAC: HiSilicon Hi6403 (32 bit/192 kHz and DSD lossless formats) https://www.androidauthority.com/hisilicon-kirin-960-soc-close-look-724326/
  6. I second that. I have Huawei Honor 8 Pro with Kirin 960 processor as stated in my post above. Pls add support for us.
  7. I just got Huawei Honor 8 Pro. It only supports Hi-res on USB DAC. It has Huawei Kirin 960 chip in it. Pls. See this. I was using an inexpensive wsive Mi phone with SD650 in it and it had Hi res on Wired. Edit: I'm using latest Alpha 704
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