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  1. Ok thank god, I discovered the solution: hold down the "menu" button to bring up the options. AKA hold down the Back or App drawer button next to the home button.
  2. I've recently discovered the queue function and find that it's been really awesome however now i'm facing the problem of being unable to clear the queue. A quick search of the forums shows others have had the same issue stemming from 2015, to which there STILL has been no fix. The same mod has been spamming the same useless solution: "Go into the Library View and tap on the Queue, then press menu > "Clear Q". Andre" Well the problem is that most Android phones have ditched the "menu" button so there is literally no option to access the "Clear Q" button. Right now I have like 70+ songs in my queue and really don't feel like individually deleting each song every time I make a new queue list. Anyone actually find a solution to this? Literally tried everything and am really frustrated. If the devs are reading this, could you just add a button in the queue list. EDIT: Realised the app literally hasn't been updated for a year. What a joke.
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