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  1. I have LG V35 ThinQ. I'm not sure if it supports. I see other people screenshots have OpenSL ES Hi-Res but mine only say OpenSL ES. Variant: Direct HD Android 8.0.0 Poweramp build 838 audio_policy.conf
  2. I have don't apply replaygain in Poweramp. I add replaygain tags with foobar2000. All opus files are significantly quieter than flac or mp3. It seems like opus is always applying replaygain regardless. This happens with all opus files. My music library consists of opus, mp3 and flac. All the volume fluctuations are a real pain. I've played the files on the computer with foobar2000 and this doesn't happen.
  3. 5 stars. It allows for more creativity. 1 star is I will delete asap or 2 stars is a meme song. Make up your own categories :)
  4. alpha build 703. It only happens to this one song. I tried other music players and it works fine. Warning it's an anime song, in case you don't want to hear it. Here's the link. https://anime.thehylia.com/soundtracks/album/naruto-shippuuden-op16-single-silhouette-kana-boon-/01.%20Silhouette.mp3
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