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  1. I for one love the new UI. However beta version 793 has just one main issue (along with some random unexpected crashes when tapping the title to return to the folder hierarchy): Whenever I change the list options to sort by Track #, it always resets to sort by title on next open. Don't know if this is a phone specific issue but I'm running it on an LG V20 (7.0).
  2. LG V20 user reporting in here, love the new redesign! I'm really geeking out over the menu transitions. And the Hi-Res output works amazing, definitely a noticeable bump in audio quality. I'm all too excited to move leave USB Audio Player Pro behind thanks to the internal DAC implementation. The only issue I'm seeing so far is in the Folder view: nothing happens when selecting the "list options". I'm all about viewing my folders in Hierarchical view, so this is really the only thing I'm really waiting for to be fixed. Also, when Hi-Res output is enabled, there's no volume indi
  3. Hopefully it can be implemented at some point in time. USB Audio Player is able to use my Dragonfly 1.5's hardware volume. Of course it would be ideal if Android as a whole would address this issue to make it work system-wide.
  4. How did the HTC 10 compare to the Dragonfly? Trying to decide if the audio of an HTC 10 is enough to keep me from choosing the Note 7 instead for my next upgrade.
  5. Feature pitch for ya: Ability to have crossfade at end of one song while the next starts at FULL VOLUME (radio effect).
  6. I am also faced with the same issue on my galaxy note 3. Doesn't matter if the embedded artwork is hella large, it seems to appear at a lower res. Downloaed artwork is no different.
  7. Rockin' the Droid 4 with the physical keyboard (my personal preference as well).
  8. It always appeared to me that DSP Manager doesnt work with Poweramp... the ics music effects (DSPManager, MusicFX) only function with an app like Google Music via its "equalizer". It doesnt effect Poweramp a bit
  9. Title says it all. This is the only bug I have found and it occurs strictly with 96KHz files. With the EQ and Tone disabled the clicking immediately goes away. Regards, Ridezelitenin
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