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  1. There is Settings/Library/Lists/Click Restarts Track to prevent restarting the currently playing track when clicking on it in lists. One of the recent 82x updates broke this feature, the current track always plays from the beginning, regardless the state of the setting :-(
  2. There is another relevant option at the END of that settingspage: "BEEP". When I turn this OFF, everything is working just fine :-)
  3. Has been requested again: AND implemented by Build 810. Thanks for adding the option!
  4. When I enable "Headset/Bluetooth" → "Respond to Buttons" and "Wired Headset: double/triple press for next/prev" it's actually NEARLY working. I can pause playback and select the next or previous track using my hardware buttons. BUT: pressing any of the buttons ALWAYS pauses playback. When trying to resume playback via button, only the play/pause button ICON in Poweramp changes, but playback does not resume. I have to pause again using the onscreen button and then resume playback using the onscreen button :-(
  5. I also have lots of songs in my library and Poweramp 2.x never had any issues with it. Poweramp 3.x on the other hand seems to have lots of problems when rescanning the library. I often have the problems that tags are missing after the rescan. Sometimes I only get the artists, sometimes the title tags only show the file name and so on. The thing is that after rescanning the library MULTIPLE times the tags seem to be complete again. Probably Poweramp 3.x cannot deal with scanning in the background as well as the old version did?
  6. My FiiO X5 III has three hardware buttons for player control: play/pause, skip/search, back/rewind. It would be quite nice to control Poweramp using these buttons. Right now only the play/pause button has some kind of effect. It causes Poweramp to emit a loud beep and stops playback. Resuming playback does not work unfortunatly, neither do the two other buttons.
  7. Thanks for bringing the star-rating back. The new UI is looking just great, but setting the ratings is kind of clumsy. Because your finger is actually covering the star-slider control while entering the value, you never know the value you'll end up with. Sometimes you have to set the rating again because you got 4 instead of 3. It would be nice so have some kind of visual feedback WHILE sliding on the star-rating. E.g. a big number display on top of the screen.
  8. When adding star-ratings to the currently playing song I often accidentally tap the artist or title above the star ratings, opening the queue instead. It would be nice if I could close it again by just tapping the currently playing song appearing exactly at the first tap position. But doing so RESTARTS the currently playing song ? So I always have to tap the current song at the lower end of the screen to close the queue without interrupting playback. That's not very convenient, I rarely want to actually start the same song from the beginning, so this doesn't even count as a feature :-)
  9. Having the 5-star rating feature WITH the possibility to directly rate a track without having to swipe/open a dialog/whatever used to be one of the great features that made Poweramp unique. I see no sense at all in having the "like/dislike" buttons and would love to have 5 star buttons again instead. Please re-implement this as soon as possible, because I really like the new user inferface. But losing the 5-stars rating system would be a dealbreaker for me :-(
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