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    Resume from pause stutters on FiiO players

    This is independent on how I set the "fade on stop/pause" setting. And it only happens after staying in pause mode for some time (e.g. 1 or 2 minutes).
  2. If I pause a track the sound glitches/stutters for a few milliseconds before resuming to normal playback. I'm using the 703 playstore build on a FiiO X5 III
  3. FiiO media players have dedicated hardware buttons, i.e. play/pause and two buttons to skip the tracks. Unfortunately Poweramp dies if I hit any of the buttons, I have to kill the app and restart it in order to resume playback. It would be nice if Poweramp did not crash when pressing the button Poweramp could react in the expected way, i.e. pause/resume of skip the track