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  1. @maxmp can you implement swipe down to Previous Page. Like scroll to top of page and swipe down. Anyway it's left blank and generally I access to song list from now playing screen by swiping down. Also from that if I've to previous folder I've to keep pressing the back button so swipe down option would be great. Another thing. The mini player from list. I've to tap to open now playing screen (screenshot). It would be great if you implement swipe up for now playing. Anywhere from red highlighted area. Thanks. And waiting for your response. 2018_10_07_10_47_31_trim.mp4
  2. Update: Cleared data and cache. Problem seems to be solved.
  3. Update: Cleared data and cache. Problem seems to be solved.
  4. Can't definite the bug. To reproduce it. Play any songs from "All Songs" Go-to "Search" and play any song after searching. Now minimize now playing to the search list by pulling down. The minimize songs is first song from "All Songs" with pause sign. (Which means it's shows it's playing). Now if we can't access the song playing from "search list" and if we tap on minimized now playing the song is overlapped with first song from "All Songs" (PS: even you play any songs say 100th still first song is shown playing from "All Songs") I've attached screenshot the now playing song from notification bar is different from that shown in player now playing @maxmp
  5. Can we have option to set as Ringtone back from v2? I really miss that option. Generally used it a lot. Thanks @maxmp
  6. On v2 the option to set as ringtone was present. Which in my case I usually do that from Poweramp. The same feature is missing from Poweramp v3 beta could you please bring that back?
  7. Hi @andrewilley The cancel button on search bar doesn't works. Build: Poweramp v3 beta 793.
  8. Yeah I've downloaded it from apkmirror at last. I'm on beta version on PlayStore
  9. Getting this error from first post. @maxmp. I guess there is some problem with the link
  10. Can someone please tell me the difference between. "Uni" and "Play" ??? Packages
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