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  1. Thanks. If will check which version of Poweramp exactly I am running. I am buying most of my albums from either iTunes or Amazon converting them to MP3 with the build-in functionality if necessary. So nothing special here, really. Cover art is embedded in the files because I found that this is the savest method for various players (Smart TVs, Smart Phones, Rack-like MP3 players, any DNLA clients).
  2. LoL should have found your post earlier. Would have spared me some hours of digging. Can totally confirm your finding.
  3. Same problem here. Track length changes once it is played and some seconds seem to be added randomly. For tracks in my playlist this was usually between 3 and 20 seconds. Actually I only noticed because cross fade is set to 15 seconds max and still songs did not blend. The only pattern I recognized at first was: songs that I own for years seem to be less affected. So I googled and found this very thread among a few others suggesting "fix VBR". I couldn't really believe that this is the reason. However, unfamiliar with the insides of an mp3 file and seeing that my plex media server was showing two bitrates in every file info I started to wonder. MPDialgs though did not find any problems with bitrates. Peeew! Back to where I started I thought about my initial observation and the only thing I could come up with which changed during years was cover resolution. Also during my search I learned a little bit how track length is actually computed and how covers are embedded in a mp3 file. The latter is the case for all my mp3 files btw. Finally I copied a few albums where the most seconds were added randomly, checking coversize previously (all 1400x1400), then removed all covers, after that transfered them to my mobile (latest Android on Samsung S7 Edge) and voila everything works beautifully. So my final verdict is: It's a bug. Somehow the section where coverart is stored is not regarded correctly when computing track length. Actually the reason that this annoyed me so much is because "crossfade" is the unique reason I bought Poweramp! There are so few players out there that can do it and I absolutely love it.
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