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  1. Hi Kingog, I received a very generous proactive response from Max himself, a while after my initial report of the issue, indicating that the more recent builds have gapless fixes implemented in them. I simply upgraded from V3 build 815 to V3 build 836, and the problem disappeared completely. I say "generous" because he took the time to revisit my old issue and reach out to me. Keep in mind, however, I experienced the issue using mp3s ripped at 320 kbps, not WMA. Also keep in mind, I never experienced the issue on any V3 build when I used WAV files. The moral of the story is file format counts! I also received a notification while writing this that Max replied to you a moment ago, so maybe he has something for you! Max is the best. Poweramp is the best. DeadHead2112
  2. I just wanted to extend a sincere thank you. Prior to posting my question about the Cue Parse setting (a user recommended I adjust this setting to overcome gapless playback issues), I went to the Google Play Store to download what I thought was the most recent version of Poweramp, just to see if the Gap issue I was having was fixed. The latest version they had was 831, so I didn't realize there were versions up to 836 (my issue still occurs in 831). Anyway I've just downloaded 836 and my problem went away! Repeat - problem resolved!! I had been working around it by doing the minimal amount of crossfading that you can configure between tracks (along with preloading tracks the maximum amount). This masked the problem a little bit, but it was still apparent (albeit much less obtrusive). I listen to a lot of live Grateful Dead, wherein there are always a lot of contiguous musical pieces broken up into several different tracks. This makes the Gapless playback feature more important for me than probably most others. I also listen to music about 12 hours a day, so I can't overstate how pleased I was to see your suggestion in my email. I stuck with Poweramp since the release of V3, because even with my clunky workaround, it is by far the best player available. I will continue to sing its praises on the various blogs and message boards that I frequent. Thanks again for fixing this. Again, my Gapless is working Maxamp is the best! Poweramp rules the airwaves..... Andrewilley - thank you as well. You are always quick to respond with a suggestion.
  3. I brought this issue up. FACT: I can take the exact two same files and play them on Poweramp V2 without any stutter between tracks. The same two identical files stutter on V3. I can even downgrade to V2 to get them to work again with no stutter. Some functionality has been lost. FACT: The issue occurs with mp3 files, but not WAV on V3. Same exact tracks - WAV works; mp3 does not. FACT: The issue occurs even when I don't store them on the SD card (i.e. I use the phone's internal storage to eliminate the possibility of "very slow storages, like slow sd cards" FACT: The issue occurs in versions of V3 up to 816. FACT: Poweramp absolutely blows away the competition in all respects, so I'm staying with it. I can't even begin to describe how much better the audio quality is when I have the output set to OPENSL ES, and the stereo expansion set to 100% (note - 100% is optimal for old two-track soundboard source tapes from the 70s, such as the Grateful Dead; may need to cut it back on modern recordings). Most important FACT: I found if enable cross-fading and set the slider to the lowest # of milliseconds, the problem is almost not noticeable, so that's what I've been using as a workaround. I do notice on transitions into songs with "hard intros", such as Slipknot => Franklin's Tower, but for something like China Cat Sunflower => I Know You Rider, the transition is almost imperceptible. But it should be not be lost on us that the issue simply does not occur in in Poweramp V2. Thanks max for such a great product - I am pretty stoked with V3 now that I've discovered a workaround.
  4. I'm not sure what's triggering it but as soon as I went from 8:15 to 8:16, I noticed the EQ and tone buttons wood constantly turn off. It doesn't happen mid song oh, I guess it's usually after a pause or removal of the Bluetooth headphones for short period. Samsung Note 8. Bottom line is, I kept noticing that I would have to turn the EQ and tone buttons back on, 10 times a day. Downgraded the 815 in the problem went away
  5. Max, First time submitting comments here. I had emailed your team through the app for a gapless playback issue that did not occur in V2. I am now on build 816 and the problem persists. * Problem occurs on all of my mp3 files (320 kbps). There is a slight pause between songs, even with preloaded setting configured to the highest setting "more". * The same tracks play fine when I downgrade to V2. * The issue does not occur on V3 if I use WAV files, but my library won't fit in WAV format, so I must use mp3. * Issue occurs regardless of whether I use SD card or internal phone storage. * Issue occurs regardless of whether I output over Bluetooth or wired headset. * Issue occurs regardless of Poweramp output setting (OpenSL ES Hi-Res, etc). I'm using a Samsung Note 8. I would like to avoid reverting back to V2 if possible. Thanks. * To provide an example: I can take a live Grateful Dead show that I have on CD, which features several songs performed in medley fashion (so the songs are all "connected" musically, but separated by tracks on the CD); I rip it to mp3 and play the album back in its correct running order, and the problem is there - a slight pause in the middle of the music where the new track begins. This does not happen if I downgrade to V2 and play the exact same list of songs. It also does not happen on V3 if I take the exact same CD and rip it to WAV instead of mp3. If I could fit my collection on my phone in WAV format I would workaround it that way, but we're talking 5000 songs. And it works in V2; something changed.... Huge Poweramp fan since 2014. I was on a beach vacation and my 4th iPod broke for no good reason. Yeah, what a piece of crap those things were. Expensive pieces of unserviceable crap. I threw it as far as I could, then tracked it down and threw it as far as I could again. I did this 10 times until I was on the beach, and then I threw it in the Atlantic Ocean. Afterward I searched for a phone app, and Poweramp was unbelievably good. Better UI. Better play list capability. Better album art display. BETTER SOUND!! With the adjustable EQ, I finally had those old Grateful Dead recordings sounding GOOD. I've been recommending Poweramp to everyone I know ever since. V3's stereo expansion feature and OpenSL ES Hi-Res output feature makes these old Dead shows sound so good that I don't want to revert to V2. Really hoping Max can fix this.
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