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  1. Hi Kingog, I received a very generous proactive response from Max himself, a while after my initial report of the issue, indicating that the more recent builds have gapless fixes implemented in them. I simply upgraded from V3 build 815 to V3 build 836, and the problem disappeared completely. I say "generous" because he took the time to revisit my old issue and reach out to me. Keep in mind, however, I experienced the issue using mp3s ripped at 320 kbps, not WMA. Also keep in mind, I never experienced the issue on any V3 build when I used WAV files. The moral of the story is file
  2. I just wanted to extend a sincere thank you. Prior to posting my question about the Cue Parse setting (a user recommended I adjust this setting to overcome gapless playback issues), I went to the Google Play Store to download what I thought was the most recent version of Poweramp, just to see if the Gap issue I was having was fixed. The latest version they had was 831, so I didn't realize there were versions up to 836 (my issue still occurs in 831). Anyway I've just downloaded 836 and my problem went away! Repeat - problem resolved!! I had been working around it by doing the minimal am
  3. I brought this issue up. FACT: I can take the exact two same files and play them on Poweramp V2 without any stutter between tracks. The same two identical files stutter on V3. I can even downgrade to V2 to get them to work again with no stutter. Some functionality has been lost. FACT: The issue occurs with mp3 files, but not WAV on V3. Same exact tracks - WAV works; mp3 does not. FACT: The issue occurs even when I don't store them on the SD card (i.e. I use the phone's internal storage to eliminate the possibility of "very slow storages, like slow sd cards" FACT: The is
  4. I'm not sure what's triggering it but as soon as I went from 8:15 to 8:16, I noticed the EQ and tone buttons wood constantly turn off. It doesn't happen mid song oh, I guess it's usually after a pause or removal of the Bluetooth headphones for short period. Samsung Note 8. Bottom line is, I kept noticing that I would have to turn the EQ and tone buttons back on, 10 times a day. Downgraded the 815 in the problem went away
  5. Max, First time submitting comments here. I had emailed your team through the app for a gapless playback issue that did not occur in V2. I am now on build 816 and the problem persists. * Problem occurs on all of my mp3 files (320 kbps). There is a slight pause between songs, even with preloaded setting configured to the highest setting "more". * The same tracks play fine when I downgrade to V2. * The issue does not occur on V3 if I use WAV files, but my library won't fit in WAV format, so I must use mp3. * Issue occurs regardless of whether I use SD card or intern
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