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  1. I would really appreciate seeing the track number in the album list. I frequently just remember the track number and not the title of a song. So right now I have to count one by one to locate the song I want. It's quite inefficient. I was searching for a way to get it done and found this thread. Please, add this feature.
  2. Hi, Would it be possible to have an option to sort songs by ratings and, for the songs that do not have any stars, keep them sorted by album, instead of alphabetical order? For example, I created a quick playlist with four albums. In these albums I have rated a few songs. If I sort the songs by ratings, all the not rated ones get sorted by alphabetical order. It would be interested to have the not rated songs still in the album order, with just the rated ones playing first.
  3. Hello, I think it would be nice to have an option to see the full name of the folder, or at least a bit more, in the folder view. For some artists that have a bigger name, I can't see the album's name, so I see many folders with only the artist's name. I think that would be cool. Thanks!
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