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  1. @andrewwilley I have quite the same problem as luv4metalcore. I´m using the PA-app with my LG V10 and Android 7.0. Till PA 797 all of my 860 music-folders (13.525 music-files) have been listed and played. Yesterday I just noticed that one or two album-folders did not appear anymore in my list (folder-structure). So I made a full rescan of my internal sd-card (music-folder) where my music is stored. Now there are just recognized and listed 794 music-folders with 12.629 music-files although I tested all of your advices several times. By the way: the neutron-player- and jetaudio hd-player-app still show all of my folders and files Greetings, Angelo
  2. On my LG V10 (android 7.x) the hi-res-output fails with the build 706 or 705, just the default output (OpenSL ES Output, 16bit/48Khz) works. Will the build 790-alpha work with the DAC-Chip (ESS 9018C2M) inside this phone? Thank you, Angelo
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