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  1. I guess my communication skills aren't as ideal as I would like them to be. let me try one last time - I want the default folder view to show only the folder level inside the Music folder (and not all the folders in all the levels inside Music folder). see attached image. Possible?
  2. I want to show all the folders in music folder by default. the issue I see is that there is no option to show all folders within music by default. if I select all folders, Poweramp shows the music folder. a workaround is to copy all the folders inside the music folder to the level of the music folder and select only those. if this is the case, please take a ticket to add this functionality. thanks so much.
  3. apologies, what I meant is that the volume sliding bar does not show up when i use the volume buttons.
  4. volume buttons on any mobile I use doesn't work even using Poweramp. please help. what settings do I need to change? thanks so much.
  5. thanks, that helped but it shows only the music folder by default. is there a way I can see the next level of folders by default (all folders inside music)?
  6. thx. I want to see something like this as default each time I open Poweramp. possible?
  7. I have 4 level of folders or more, for example, music > jazz > smooth jazz > -album name-
  8. hi. I have selected folders in my music folder to show up. it's there a way to have only the root folder be listed (and not all the folders inside all the music folders)? I don't see see a setting where I can control level of folders that to be displayed (only root folder or root +1 folder level inside root folder, etc.) thanks so much in advance.
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