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  1. I have previous version working now. I just need to re-learn how to clean up main screen. I can't seem to remember how to get rid of repeat all and 5 stars from below album artwork. Thanks so much for the help. Edit: Got rid of 5 stars repeat all etc.
  2. I am backing up music now .. 85 Gbs, so will take a while. I will install file manager app while I wait. Thanks for help.
  3. Hello I sent that link to my android phone, but it said app didn't install. What else do I need to do? Thanks
  4. Hello, I did a quick search, and couldn't find an answer to this question. I am running version 2.0.10 on a Samsung S8 I have a separate app on my phone for podcasts which I am very happy with, and only want Poweramp for music. When I download a podcast on my podcast app, the podcast appears as a track in Poweramp. How do I adjust Poweramp settings so that podcasts don't end up on Poweramp? Thanks for any help. Xander
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