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  1. Please... I have plenty of apps that use Google's paid app system, and none that are so unreliable as Poweramp. This is so obviously an integration problem, and continuing to just blame it on Google is ridiculous. Poweramp chose to use a Google library, among the many libraries that any application needs. If a chosen library is failing, it is up to the app's developer to make it right. You don't just blame the library and wash your hands of it. The library was your choice, and so it is your responsibility to fix. You can code a workaround, replace the library with something else, or provide amnesty for those experiencing the problem. It is unacceptable to blow off your customers, while continuing to sell the app.
  2. Good idea. I have the same problem, and have stopped using Poweramp because of it. I'm a developer myself, and I was just about to defend the developer here. Most of the time the costs of developing programs is high, and apps tend to sell for very little. However, I looked it up and this paid version has over a million installs at $4 apiece! That suggests a very enviable accounts receivable, high enough to offer a real solution to this. Passing the blame to Google is a weak move, since a workaround could be coded.
  3. This might not be very useful. The Play app will always update itself, regardless of its "auto update" setting. Here's one possible hack I found to get around this. I stopped using Poweramp because of this intolerable licensing glitch, but I keep checking this forum to see if a real solution is offered.
  4. Just so everyone knows, emailing the developer contact address just gets you an auto-response that provides a subset of the step-by-step information that's already at http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323551-google-play-response-error-contacting-server. I emailed five days ago, and I never receive a follow-up personalized response. It's still probably a good idea to email your information there, in case the volume of emails eventually gets the developer to change their approach to license validation. I have plenty of apps that require unlocking, and can use them offline for long periods of time. I've just updated my S3 media player from CyanogenMod 11 to LineageOS 14.1, so I'm hoping the problem goes away. I'll always be nervous, as the stories here indicate that the failure might always randomly return.
  5. Thanks for caring Andre. I'm pretty sure the developer just isn't going to be able to reproduce this problem if it's so rare. He'd have to get his hands on the various devices on which it's appearing, and I can't spare my main S3 media player. I just hope he considers a different licensing method in the future, based on this current unreliable one. At this point I'm just going to give up on Poweramp, as it's not worth the headaches.
  6. I am very disappointed. I purchased Poweramp for my dedicated Android music player, which is normally not connected to the internet, and has no associated cell plan. Having to constantly find a way to connect it, and often being out of range of any signal, means it's just a useless product for me. This app directly promotes the idea of having "a dedicated music player", which goes against the need for constant connectivity. The excuse that the "device is not saving the status correctly" is unacceptable, when so many people are experiencing the issue. This is the type of situation wherein programmers like us are expected to create workarounds. At least the unlocker purchase screen should have a disclaimer: "Depending on your device, this app may not function without a persistent internet connection."
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