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  1. Thanks Andre, the problem is that: if the box remains in standby ok but if it is completely turned off when switch on automatically reinstalled the new 793. Why is it obbligatory to use the latest version??
  2. The new version 793, for example, is impossible to use on a smart TV box etc... If I download the 709 version it's only a 15 day trial and if you update the unlocker you'll get the new version :-( Does anyone know how?
  3. Hi, when I skip tracks inside all the albums Poweramp don't respect the 00:00 INDEX CUE info and many songs begin to be cut off, starting at 0:02 or 0:03 etc (this error comes out ONLY with APE files "IMAGE DISC+CUE", with other lossless player is ok) NB: My APE files are tested with a lot of player like Foobar 2000 (windows) etc...
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