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  1. Very bad .. my Redminote4 Qualcomm android 7.0 (miui 9.6.3) was supported high res Audio output till rc build 797. But after new update the high res Audio output fails to play through headset ..I tried installing rc build 797 again but no positive result ...I'm disappointed @maxmp
  2. Got updated 796 on playstore Thank you maxmp
  3. @maxmp I have same problem as in the previous ver.793 with using hi-res on my Xiaomi Redmi note 4X (Android 7.0) When I choose hi-res output for my wired headset, sound play through external speaker, and doesn't want play on headset when there is a notification . I tried disabling short audio focus change but no good result..please fix it @maxmp Redminote4 Qualcomm (android 7.0)(miui 9.6.2 stable)
  4. The beta build 793 shows many problems in my Redminote4 (android 7.miui.9.6.2) 1) If a notification appeared When playing hi res audio through headset the audio focus changes and after that the music is played both speaker and headset simultaneously ?. 2) Also the list options is not working properly. It doesn't retain after closing the app. There were many other problems but I'm reluctant to use Poweramp now ?? because of the first reason
  5. Device: Redmi note 4 Android 7.0 NRD90M MIUI Snapdragon 625 octacore 2 GHz
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