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  1. I just came here looking for a topic about this problem. ^^ Right now it's working for me, but it happened numerous times to me already. I don't really know whether it always was after a app- or OS version upgrade, but it might be possible. It would be cool if a) I could force a license check or In case the license check required after a Poweramp or OS update fails it would display a notification that the player gets disabled if no successful license check is performed within 24 hours. It really sucks if you leave for a day with your WiFi-only android Walkman and get your primary playe
  2. Hi, Okay, since this is off topic (as this board is intended for topics regarding the app only) I'm somewhat anxious, but hope I won't get banned for asking this. Would it be possible to reduce the minimal word length for the search function from 4 to 3 letters? The reason being: If I want to search the boards for topics that relate to certain file formats ... those mostly consist of three letters. Regards
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