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  1. Folks...GO THRU EVERYTHING WHEN TESTING IT. Just don't ask a stupid question or say something like it doesnt work. Tell exactly hardware/software version youre using etc. Especially with those with high end phones (LG V30, OnePlus 5+, or that can take advantage of the openSL HD, Quad DAC, etc...show screenshots...dont just be a lame whore.
  2. Devin, For one, it's ONE DEVELOPER working on this project, not a team. For two, I'm slightly agreeing with what is being worked on as I would've liked to have seem alot of functionality updates, but the way you come across is not the way to talk. I'll admit it has taken along time, and but hopefully once we see the first v3 release, it might be worth revisiting; atleast for me. I always thought having v2 skins (esp transparent skin made things sexy.) Not only DLNA/Chromecast support, but import playlists from last.fm, scrobble played songs, restore skins, fix this problem where it kept using gallery-stored pics as song covers (highly annoying). It would have also been nice to rename songs/auto correct tag info with script support. It would have also cool have used the real code and functionality from milkdrop. The way presets worked in winamp was way better also, from legacy versions that allowed visualizations, they stripped the ability to display the song, etc This sucked because Poweramp would have been a nice car media player app as well had it had the same working functionality as winamp's visualization. Would have been nice to import actual visualizations from Winamp as well. At any rate, I hope the developer heard this message during the making of v3 as I've said it multiple times. "MATERIAL DESIGN WAS NOT THE ONLY THING PEOPLE BITCHES ABOUT OR CARES ABOUT. That's what skins are for...for looks. I don't think a complete overhaul of the entire UI was necessary. That's my two cents....im still eager to play around with the new one to see if it's worth it. I hope it is after this long.
  3. Will DLNA/Chromecast support not be implemented for v3? Also, what about skins from v2 -- I miss using those (especially the transparent skin) will we see those come back for v3 or v4? I wouldn't consider lack of support for Android -5.0, that just means the developer is moving forward with the times.
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