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  1. Thanks a lot for fixing the problem! Max and Andrewilley, love you!<3
  2. But i did it few days ago. My device - OnePlus 3. Android - 8.0.0 And there is 2 people which say that they have the same problem. I know it is common problem.
  3. It works when i tap on it but i can't open app's equalizer. When it will be fixed? Give an answer please i just tired of questioning.
  4. Долгим нажатием не открываются настройки MusicFX. Просто мерцает экран при долгом удерживании на значке.
  5. Any MusicFX fix? Player still doesn't allow to tap and hold for settings...
  6. It doesn't work. There is some bug that locks this feauture for some Phones. It doesn't show setting. Already reinstalled musicfx few times - nothing/
  7. Is there any way to fix MusicFX for Poweramp? It is just doesn't open setting for the app, only on and off feature works.
  8. Same issue with my OnePlus 3. It works but doesn't open setting to change anything. What can we do? Give an answer anyone, please!
  9. OnePlus 3, official android 7.1.1, oxygeos 4.1.7. I have a high-res audio output option in audio settings via headset, but when i insert my earpieces it reverting default settings and shows me error for high-res output. What can i do?
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