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  1. This happened several times when I listened to all the tracks in the collection in alphabetical order. If in the background, after mp3 the next flac, then it is skipped until the next song is in mp3 format again. Moreover, if you manually start the skipped track, then everything will play for a while normally, without gaps.
  2. Have problem with playing flac on background. With background playback, flac files are sometimes skipped. mp3 plays without problems. If I understand in background codec for flac sometimes. В фоне иногда пропускаются flac файлы, если зайти в PA и снова выбрать этот flac файл то он начинает его воспроизводить, и следующий за ним тоже. С прошлыми версиями проблем не было.(830-832) Poweramp 834 Mi Mix, Android 8.1, Resurrection Remix 6.1 Arm64
  3. If you have root you can try this. insert string into a file "/system/build.prop" string is ro.lenovo.hifi_support=true
  4. root and then insert string into a file build.prop string is ro.lenovo.hifi_support=true Device Mi mix; ROM rr 5.8.4; App Poweramp 704 Conclusion. Everything worked.
  5. 1. Xiaomi Mi MIX (codenamed "Lithium") 2. Android 7.1.2; Resurrection Remix OS 5.8.3 3. Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821 ; Sound chip: HD Chip AQSTIC 192kHz 24 bits. audio_platform_info.xml ; audio_policy_configuration.xml ; audio_policy_volumes.xml I hope you add for mi mix support hi-res, because now i see error if I try using hi-res output.
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