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  1. I have the ability to send bugs to developers in my settings, but my installation problem that resets the next time it was run was not resolved. The problem is about 1 month. My paid skins I bought are not available on Google Play. Where did they go? Thank you and sorry for the indignation
  2. How "to the version you paid" ??? Are you kidding me? That means I didn't pay V3 or what? I sent my money, I'd like to use the latest versions. I paid you and you tell me that I can use one year old version? This isn't all right. Sorry
  3. Greetings to all. It's just my opinion, but overall the new Poweramp is terrible. Really terrible. I own paid versions and am not satisfied (like so many other users). The new version is awfully cluttered, the settings are not working, or it resets on the next reboot ... But the sound is very good. For this, developers deserve 5 *. But the user interface is terrible, terrible. I also bought several paid Poweramp skins that disappeared. Why? You have my money, I paid and I don't have what I paid for. Developers might think. If out of 50% of the reviews I read them are negative. Mostly bad user interface. If it was better to do something about it. Developers ignore a large number of users who have paid and all they offer is an older version. But who no longer has support. Please try to do something about it. For me, Poweramp was number one. Unfortunately it is not. Thank you very much. HwRBtS
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