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    FLAC file not played...

    Seems to be solved in Poweramp 3 version "Poweramp-alpha-build-703-uni.apk" Poweramp 3 version "Poweramp-alpha-build-704-uni.apk" on the other hand does not run at all.
  2. Hello I have a problem with playing some FLAC files. These FLAC files are 96.0KHZ, 24bit, 7200kbps (I think) When trying to play them, I get no sound. Looking at the screen it looks like it that the song is played very fast (time flies) I have Poweramp version: 2.1.10-biuld588-play (Full version) OnePlus 5 Android 7.1 OxygenOS 4.5.8 Via VLC I'm able to play these songs. Thanks!