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  1. Thanks for your reply. I don't think there is any harm in asking for x86 to be supported as it is only by users asking for certain functionality etc that the developers know what their users want. I'm not one of these people that expect it but there's no harm in asking. Thanks very much for your help. I have done as you suggested and much to my surprise it seems to be working. I can only assume there is some emulation built in to my unit to cover this scenario. I am very grateful to you. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I have just purchased a Joying Android head unit which is based on the Intel Airmont (x86) chip. I started looking for the best music player and came across Poweramp. It seemed to tick all my boxes, or so I thought. I did all my testing on a Samsung tablet which installed Poweramp v3 and the one feature I really wanted was the facility to list by 'Album Artist'. So having decided that Poweramp was what I wanted I purchased the unlocker and then installed it on my head unit only to find that it would only install v2. So then upon investigation I find that Intel based devices are no longer supported. So basically I would like to know if there is any way of getting v3 running on my Intel based head unit. If this is really not possible then is there an option in v2 to list by 'Album Artist' as all I can find is to list 'Albums by Artist' which is not the same as it lists all albums but orders them by artist. On one final note can I just add my request for Poweramp to support Intel based Android devices as there are not only a lot of old devices out there still in constant use but also brand new devices being sold utilising the Intel chips. In fact when I was searching for a suitable head unit there were quite a lot of units using the Intel architecture. Many thanks for any assistance. Russell
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