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  1. Library Audio file is ticked but I'm not very tech savvy with Poweramp and I don't really understand these instructions. As i am running Android 11 would it just be simpler to uninstall and re-install Poweramp from play store. I am worried about losing all my previous settings so would you be kind enough to send me instructions how to do this or point me towards the best video for doing this on youtube. Many thanks Jamie
  2. Hi Andre Thanks for coming back to me. Google engineer did it for me in store linking old and new phones via wi-fi connection. Since I last posted I discovered the missing 24GB (ie all my Poweramp music files etc) on my new Google Pixel phone stored in a google folder called 'Audio' despite Poweramp displaying 'doesn't look like anything to me'. I then ran a full Rescan on Poweramp with wi-fi connected but it failed to locate the items in the folder. Will trying to Rescan to find the files help or should I just delete and re-install like you suggested ? Will Play Store remember that
  3. Poweramp worked brilliantly for last 5 years with data on SD card in a Samsung. Just got new Google pixel phone with no SD card so Poweramp data inc library and playlists etc where transferred to new phones HD. Both Poweramp apps (why does it still need Poweramp AND Poweramp fuller version unlocker ?) were transferred across. Poweramp still works fine in old phone but not in new one. Will all my data settings, playlists etc be deleted if I just delete and re-install Poweramp from new phone on playstore or will it all be saved somehow by Poweramp as I dont want to lose my playlist
  4. Hi Azazel and thanks for your response. I'm afraid I only understood a small amount of your email and I know that most of your instructions are far too complex for my technical understanding. I'm also not convinced that it was Google that did the damage as it happened immediately after the Marshmallow update. As there doesn't seem to be any telephone or on-line support for Poweramp for users I think i'll just have to scrap Poweramp and subscribe to Spotify which is probably much easier to understand and more reliable. I really like the Poweramp sound but the customer service is staggerin
  5. Hi all I've been using Poweramp without much problem for last 2 years on my samsung s5 phone. I have 2 playlists, one called modern and the other called classical. They're both backed up as m3u8 files on Dropbox as a precaution along with all my music files in VLC audio format about 20GB in size. I got sent an android software update to my phone to Marshmallow some weeks ago which I've avoided installing until yesterday when to my horror it somehow installed itself .........I must have pushed the wrong button. Just as I feared...............android software updates always suck
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